In a quiet and confidential environment, ideal for introspection and creativity, I provide psychotherapy or individual analysis for children, adolescents and adults.

Meet Isabelle,

A native of Geneva, I studied psychology at the University of Geneva and got my undergraduate degree there. I completed my education with a Post Graduate Specialization in Clinical Psychosociology at the University of Lausanne. During this time I was introduced to the systemic approach in consultation with couples and families. The Systemic field, such as family issues and relationships remained a great source of interest, including sibling relationships.


After a few years as a psychologist an the institutional and associative setting, I trained as a psychotherapist analyst for children, adolescents and adults at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich, where I graduated. I have worked as a psychologist at home in Switzerland as well as abroad with a variety of people, such as with children with developmental disabilities, young school drop-outs, and women undergoing domestic abuse.


There are many reasons why someone may benefit from therapy.

It can help one to understand her/himself better, and by doing so also may help make sense of life in difficult times. It can provide insights into why one makes the choices one do and help one understand what new possibilities might be open to her/him.

Jungian Analysis

Is used to establish a constructive dialogue with the unconscious and to develop self-awareness.

The unconscious contains vital forces in the form of symbolic images that allow a dynamic process of personality transformation to take place, called individuation process.

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