Jungian Analysis

The purpose of a Jungian analysis is to establish a constructive dialogue with the unconscious and to develop self-awareness.

The unconscious contains vital forces in the form of symbolic images that allow a dynamic process of personality transformation to take place, called individuation process.

Using speech, the analysis of dreams or the client’s creative works, we shape the symbols that emerge and initiate a dialogue, a dance between the conscious and unconscious elements.

This contributes to the development of harmony with oneself, a sense of completeness and uniqueness that helps us better understand the world around us and to find our place.

 “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. C.G. JUNG

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Dream Interpretation

Every night our dreams tell us something about ourselves, aspects that we ignore, that we are unable to see from the angle of our consciousness. Dreams are like a photograph of our psyche. It talks to us, through images and symbols, about our most important inner conflicts and even tells us how to solve them. Dreams compensate our unilateral worldview. 


Working on dreams means taking into account the specific context of the dreamer and helping him or her to associate images to the dream in order to magnify the dream. The task requires imagination, memories and sensations that link the dream image to universal symbolism that we know from tales, legends and myths. 


My role is to help you to make sense of your night visions in order to free unconscious contents and to bring more balance into your life. 

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