This Is My Story

A native of Geneva, I studied psychology at the University of Geneva and got my undergraduate degree there. I completed my education with a Post Graduate Specialization in Clinical Psychosociology at the University of Lausanne. During this time I was introduced to the systemic approach in consultation with couples and families. The Systemic field, such as family issues and relationships remained a great source of interest, including sibling relationships.


After a few years as a psychologist an the institutional and associative setting, I trained as a psychotherapist analyst for children, adolescents and adults at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich, where I graduated. I have worked as a psychologist at home in Switzerland as well as abroad with a variety of people, such as with children with developmental disabilities, young school drop-outs, women undergoing domestic abuse, and fathers incarcerated. I then started my private practice as a therapist.

Married with three children, I have a particular interest in the issues of women in the different stages of life, young girl, adolescence, young woman, motherhood, and the shift to what is called « the mid-life crisis”. Having lived as an expat abroad, I am particularly sensitive to issues of expatriation and their impact on the entire family system. Issues of cultural differences within families and couples are also a great source of interest. 


My training is recognized by the Federal Office of Public Health Switzerland (BAG) and sessions are reimbursed by complimentary insurance. I am able to practice therapy in French, English, Italian and Spanish.

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